Lincoln State Cat Club, Inc. was founded in 1959, by a group of Chicago area cat breeders and exhibitors.

The LSCC charter, still standing today, is to promote and  preserve the pedigreed cat; provide public education concerning the care, health and welfare of ALL cats; and fund raising to support programs that benefit ALL cats.

In keeping with this charter LSCC donates the proceeds of their annual all breed cat show, held in February, to causes benefiting all domesticated felines.  Through groups such as the Morris Animal Foundation, the Robert Winn Feline Foundation, area shelters and neuter/spay organizations we not only care for the abandoned, stray and feral cats today, but address the health concerns of all cats for years to come.
In addition, LSCC invites shelter groups to our show to bring attention to abandoned, stray, or relinquished cats that are available for adoption.

See our beneficiary page for a list of past recipients.

Each LSCC cat show incorporates:

Education Ring - Where free presentations are held throughout the weekend for both the spectator and the exhibitor alike.  Previous years' topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Demonstration of proper grooming techniques for both the long and short-haired cat
  • Proper nutrition for all stages of the cat's life
  • How to deal with behavior problems
  • Veterinary talks on cat health and wellness issues
  • Query a licensed veterinarian about cat health issues important to you
  • Legislation affecting pet ownership rights

Breed Booths/Meet The Breeds - As part of the club’s primary objective - the promotion and preservation of the pedigreed cat - it showcases various CFA recognized cat breeds at special booths. At these breed booths the spectator has the chance to touch cats, ask questions of breeder/exhibitors and take home material related to the breeds.

Household Pet - Cat show competition is not limited to the registered pedigree. The Household Pet competition is open to most housecats, provided they are at least 4 months old, have been altered, have shots, are in good health and have not been de-clawed. HHP entries are judged on condition, grooming & personality, and are awarded prizes.

Vendors – Over 30 vendors are present with a wide array of supplies, collectibles, food and other cat related items available for sale at highly competitive prices

PEDIGREED CAT COMPETITION - Last, but certainly not least, is the main focus of the show.

In multiple rings, CFA registered cats, kittens and premiers (neuter/spay) are judged against their respective breed standards, by licensed CFA judges.

In the pedigreed cat competition, breeds compete in three divisions -

Kitten (4-8 months)
Championship (8+ months)
Premiership (neuter/spays 8+ months)

to accumulate points toward championship, grand championship, regional and national titles.




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