Lincoln State Cat Club, Inc.
established in 1959

Our history reflects our commitment to the welfare of ALL cats through the funds we raise and distribute each year, as well as the education we provide to the public at our annual show.

LSCC fully funded the research which led to the vaccine that today protects your cats against Upper Respiratory Infection (URI).

LSCC has co-sponsored the Feline Genome project at Texas A&M University, successfully  mapped the Feline DNA sequence, paving the way to understanding and curing many genetically based feline diseases. Also, a project at Carolina State University whereby an owner may accurately assess, in the home environment, and report to their veterinarian the level of their cat's chronic musculaskeletal pain. To date, Lincoln State has either sponsored or co-sponsored over fifteen studies through the Morris Animal Foundation.

LSCC’s Donation History

  • The Illinois Citizens Animal Welfare League – 1st donation ever made by LSCC - 1961
  • U of I College of Veterinary Medicine – Scholarship for Feline Medicine
  • Morris Animal Foundation
  • Robert H. Winn Feline Foundation
  • Cornell Feline Health Center
  • The Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago – Neuter/Spay Program
  • Tree House Animal Foundation
  • West Suburban Animal Shelter
  • Second Chance Animal Shelter
  • Elsa Wild Animal Appeal
  • Assisi Animal Foundation
  • Home for Endangered and Lost Pets – St. Charles, IL - Neuter/Spay Program
  • Kay’s Animal Shelter – Arlington Heights, IL – Neuter/Spay Program
  • Anderson Animal Shelter – Elgin, IL - Neuter/Spay Program
  • Animal Welfare League - Neuter/Spay Program
  • Aunt B's Bed & Breakfast - Princeton, IL
  • Pet Rescue - Neuter/Spay Program
  • Purebred Rescue – Rescue/neuter-spay/re-home pedigreed cats in need
  • Ricky Fund/Winn Foundation – Search for a cure for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  • CFA sponsored oxygen masks to Capron Fire Department, the Popular Grove Fire districts, Carpentersville Fire Department and the Sycamore Fire Department (For photos and details click here.)


Your loyal support of our show allows us to continue helping ALL cats.


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