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We are very proud to announce our donation of CFA sponsored oxygen masks to Capron Fire Department, Popular Grove Fire districts, Sycamore Fire Department and Carpentersville Fire Department.

In December 2006, the Cat Fanciers' Association Disaster Relief Program donated $15,000 to H.E.L.P. Animals, Inc., a Daytona, FL based 501(c)3 organization, for the purchase of 300 SurgiVet Animal Oxygen Masks that fire and rescue departments can use during emergency pet rescue.muzzle, and can be attached to oxygen bottles to help an animal regain its breath or rescue

The SurgiVet Animal Oxygen Masks come in 3 sizes per set and each mask is shaped to fit the muzzle of a variety of animals. The masks feature a rubber ring that provides for a snug fit to the personnel can hand-pump a flexible air bag, if necessary. The set comes with a tough, durable Cordura™ nylon, moisture resistant, bag for storage.

Sycamore Fire Department
(L to R) Firefighter Ryan Gustafson, Lt. Jack Spartz and Firefighter Adam Honiotes.


Three sets of masks were donated to the Boone County District
One for Carpon and two for the Popular Grove Fire districts.


Capron Fire Department
Fire Chief Tracy Summers


2 sets were donated to the Carpentersville Fire Department


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